Yay, lookie I got my new butterfly chair covers in the mail today! Yippee!

I’ve been without my butterfly chairs for the whole summer, now they are back!

On another note, I’ve finished with the dining room for now, all I think left is choosing a paint color or at least painting the walls something other than creame, but check out how far it’s come.  Here’s the before picture,


you can see the bottom of the crystal covered brass chandelier and even the icky green lino that was in the kitchen through the doorway behind. Wow, forgot about that part, ick! We inherited the chairs and table from the woman who owned the house before us, she didn’t have any need for them, so I thought I’d try to make the best of them. I painted them black and recovered them with some fabric from work, it’s a super posh corraggio textile from the first hell job I had. Dean actually picked it out from the piles of fabric I had, I was surprised the leopard print didn’t make him nervous? 

And here’s one of the whole room,

This way you can appreciate the stripped down chandelier, I took off all the dangly things and spray painted the sucker black, whew the house smelt but it was worth it.

Now I’m back in the office painting away… bore.




Well so when we moved into our cute ranch house 2 months ago we let a lot of our college furniture go, finally. So now we have a nearly empty place…. only keeping the nice things was wise but has been painful! Sometimes you just wanna watch some bad TV while laying down, which has not been an option as of late.

Here’s the sofa I saved up for and bought from crate and barrel.

Isn’t it adorable! Sorry but I’m a complete furniture snob, no microfiber covered Rooms To Go crap for me. They called me last week and it’ll be delivered next Tuesday, I had an 8 week lead time because I was annoying and had a custom color on it, the only stocked colors were chocolate and white, chocolate was nice but just to dark for me, and white was just NOT an option. 

I’m waiting to pick out wall colors until after it shows up, from all my experience I know the likelihood of it being the same color as I was told is not guaranteed. But I’m thinking of a similar blue for the walls with a chair-rail, which I would have to install myself but I think my OCD is up to the test. Mom already has some fabrics picked out for throw pillows, but I’m telling her to wait until the sucker shows up. Once again not believing my fabric swatch they gave me, come on I sold this stuff for years, I know anything could happen. 

For the last month or so the only real piece of furniture in my den has been the vintage Eames Recliner my Mom loaned me on a semi-permanent basis. She even prefaced the loan by saying if she ever moves into her dream house she’s totally taking it back.

Mine doesn’t have the tufting, it’s actually a vintage knock off I guess? Ha. I love it to death, but it’s more of a reading chair than a watching your DVR’ed Kathy Griffin type chair, like I need. Plus it creaks loud enough to wake the dead and is a little unnerving if I’m staying up late.

O another thing on the to-do-list, wallpaper the “powder room” which is what I like to call the guest bath, sounds better I think. Here’s what I have currently,

it’s something I snitched a long time ago from work, crazy huh! But the powder room has tile half way up the walls in a light yellow which sorta blends with this pattern, and I have enough for such a small space. Big crazy patterns are the only way to go in such a cramped area.

I’ve blogged before but it was on another site and for school, so this is a new thing for me, funny buttons and I’m not sure what they all do yet? 

But anywho… currently I’m avoiding studying for what will prolly be the last college final I take.  No, not for the normal reason, I’m not graduating or anything, I already did that once some years ago.  I worked in interior design sales for close to 7 years, got SICK of it, came back to school to try to figure something out, and then that didn’t work out either!  Ended up waiting tables for the first time at the ripe age of 28, it was the only job that paid well and had the hours and flexibility I needed. Waiting isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still a pretty harsh way to make your mula.

Lets discuss exactly what I’m avoiding studying, 5 chapters on retail vs. wholesale in an Intro to Marketing class, the f’ed up thing is I worked for two different wholesalers for those 7 years so a lot of it I already knew or at least grasped quickly during class. I read the chapters all this afternoon, well skimmed them anyways, and took the online quizzes so I guess I’m prepped. Whatever I barely care.

Here’s the cover of our textbook, I usually stare at it during class and try to figure out what make of car it could be?

Ughhh… I went online again during all my studying/procrastination and looked around for something in my “desired” field, which is anything tenuously related to graphic design. Found 2 new openings, one requested a faxed resume (how 1999?) and the other job’s link was down. (it was weird I found the job on two different sites neither had a working link)

I’m all over the place here sorry, I think I’m a little punch drunk from cramming all that marketing mumbo jumbo in such a short period of time. 

Here’s the cycle I’m in right now, once my brain tires of worrying about school, it moves onto the whole job front, then once it exhausts itself there it moves on to the list as long as my arm of things I should be doing to our new house.  I mean seriously the list is as long as my arm, easily. 

At least as of 1:30 tomorrow I’ll be able to take one of those topics out of the cycle, but I’m sure it will be replaced with something in about a day.